Friends and Foes

The world has become so dangerous that we can’t even recognize our ‘friends and foes’. It makes it hard to survive here without being suffocated once in a while.😔😶

Though I didn’t want to lie

But couldn’t in front of them easily cry

Don’t wanna show’em this dark side of mine

But couldn’t find myself saying goodbye

Frustated with misery I looked at the sky

On seeing the birds admired to fly

But couldn’t leave those friends of mine

Out of anxiety I wanted to die

People are hella scary oh my!

I can’t just ignore even if I try

When I saw those eyes staring at me

Got really scared I couldn’t but sigh

But one day I’ll definitely say goodbye

To all those who think I can only cry

What do you take me, for I ask?

I’ll be looking at you from the top of the sky

The bright side of life

This is the poem that I wrote after coming from Islamabad(April 2019).

That trip was so amazing that I was forced to write something good about life.This was literally something that I wrote after “Someone like me” I mean,”Someone like me” was such an emotional piece of poetry and then this popped out in my mind…Sometimes,we are so depressed by the bad cicumstances that we become UNGRATEFUL for the good things…we’re just complaining all the time and nagging….

But I believe,sometimes…we gotta stop all of that and say “Alhamdulillah”(Thank you,God).

To My Mentor

This is for my favourite teacher of all times…my maths teacher.

His beautiful way of teaching is the reason why I chose maths…

Thank you Sir for making me realize the reason why they call their teachers their “Spiritual Fathers” -MRK

He helped me get through some hard times….He always showed a positive attitude regardless of the circumstances.That’s why he is my ideal personality along with my father.The best thing about him is that he had an adverse past…like he had many problems with his job and stuff(everybody has some kind of past…good or bad)

But he never gave up! He turned it into a glorious victory of his by being positive and accepting the facts….Once again,THANK YOU SIR FOR BEING AN INSPIRATION!!

Unworthy but priceless

Priceless,they reckon,I’m easy to forget

Like an old big house that is to let

But the worth of the old is too much for words

The allure of which no one has met

Dying for serenity,I’m unable to get

People believe it comes with a private jet

The core of my heart is deprived of that peace

That can’t be paid for,I can surely bet

A pleasnt revival

When the wind blows at the break of the day

When the rainwater flows along the path of the hay

The sight is majestic for the perturbed soul

Faster it grows,the heartbeat of the gay

Stunning it is,that dancing red rose

That once seemed dark as the gang of crows

The dark night of loneliness that looked immortal

It’ll surely reappear but it’s far from being close